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Welcome to
The Fitness Docs
We work with ALL populations,
including post-rehab patients,
senior citizens, athletes, as well as
those who want to
and  get in shape.
Antonetta Tempesta Todorov  and
Michael Sylvester
are both Physical Therapist Professionals with extensive fitness backgrounds.
Let us get you in the best
shape of your llfe.
Many individuals experience
We will work with you at your home, condo gym, or our

affiliated health clubs.
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Exercise Templates
Our Role as Your Trainer is 3-Fold

1.  It is our responsibility to prescribe an exercise program that is tailored to your skill and fitness level while taking into account your medical and musculoskeletal health. We will construct an individualized exercise program based on data compiled from an assessment—which evaluates posture, muscular strength, core stability, flexibility, and abnormal movement patterns.

2. We provide motivation and encouragement for you to succeed. We will continue to challenge your body so it doesn't adapt. This translates to periodically changing your routine so your body and mind don't get "stale."

3. If your goal is weight control and looking better, nutrition and emotional roadblocks need to be addressed. Nutrition intervention is a major component if your goal is to lose weight. This certainly doesn't mean starving yourself, but it does mean eating  healthier and reducing portion sizes. Most people know this, but putting these concepts into practice is essential to your success. Although we can teach you the basics of nutrition, we are NOT registered dietitians.  However, we do have a registered dietitian available who we consult with.

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The Fitness Docs welcome 

I've been working with Sandy (an 86 year old woman) since 2005. She is able to cycle, climb the 'Stairmaster', hit the speed bag, possesses great balance, and she does a great deadlift! She's truly amazing! I could go on and on but read our story in the local newspaper to see for yourself. Click on the photo below to read her incredible story!

-Michael Sylvester, B.S.,L.P.T.A., C.P.T.

Basic Nutritional Guidelines*
Your First Appointment

It's surprising to us that so many people lack the basic nutritional tools to maintain a healthy weight.
This section is devoted to all those who need basic guidance on how to design their own healthy meal plan.

*To those who want more comprehensive nutrition intervention, please refer to our NUTRTITION link on the top of our home page (About Us).
We want your experience with us to be stress free--
so your first appointment with us is absolutely FREE!
It's important that you feel at ease with us and that you and your trainer are comfortable together.
Personal Training has been shown to improve
compliance and motivation.
Most people that join a health club drop out after 3 months.
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