Ball bridge with alternate leg lift

Ball Bridge (w/alt leg lift)

Lie on your back with your low back in neutral and your:

-Ankles on ball    ____ (shown)
-Calves on ball      ____
-Lift hips off the floor while maintaining neutral & alternate lifting each leg off the ball while maintaining symmetrical hips.

Competency Criteria

-Client is able to alternate lifting each leg up while  maintaining symmetrical hips without any pain in low back.

-Client is able to alternate lifting each leg up and not allow any frontal plane movement (side to side motion) during entire set.

-Client performs on:
___ Peanut Ball * 
___  Round Ball

*It may be more appropriate for the beginner to use a Peanut Shaped stability ball as this type of ball only moves forward and backward (sagittal plane). CLICK HERE for more info.