Bridge with fall out
(using tubing)       

Bridge with Fallouts (w/tubing)

-Attach tubing around your knees.

-Lie on your back & position your low back in neutral.

-Your shoulders should NOT be elevated!

-With BOTH feet on the ground, lift your hips off the floor while maintaining neutral.

-Spread knees apart while maintaining neutral, pause, and slowly return without losing tension on the band.

-If this is too difficult, try doing it without any tubing or lower hips after each "fall out."

Competency Criteria

-Client is able to lift hips up symmetrically (and keep them up) without any pain in low back.

-Client is able to lift hips up and spread knees apart while maintaining neutral/stable spine.

-Hips don't drop during entire exercise.


-Client is able to use:
___ Yellow   (light resistance)         
___ Green   (medium resistance)
___ Blue       (heavy resistance)         
___ Black     (heaviest resistance)

To purchase these resistance bands, please click on the link below:



-Progress to a higher resistance band.
-Perform a chest press exercise simultaneously.