Deadlift to row - one leg support

Deadlift-to-Row  - 1 Leg Support 


-Attach JC Tubing or equivalent band to a stable object (at waist level or at a higher level).


-Hold handle in your left hand (at chest level) while standing on your right leg. Your left hip should be flexed. This is the starting positon.

-Bend forward at the hip while you extend or straighten your arm in front of you and left leg extended behind you. Your planted leg (right) should have a slight bend in the knee and should be maintained throughout exercise. You are pivoting from the hip NOT the knee.

-Return to starting position by standing vertical while simultaneously pulling cable toward the lower part of your chest.

-Repeat exercise with other arm and opposite leg.


-Stand on a 1/2 foam roll (flat side down>flat side up) to increase the balance demand of this execise.

-Add more tubing in the JC cable or if performing using a cable column, increase resistance.

Common Mistakes

-The heel comes off the floor when bending forward. Keep your weight on the heel. Sticking your butt out can help facilitate this.

-Holding the cable with your left hand and standing on your left leg. Stand on rigtht leg if holding the cable with your left hand. Same holds true when doing the other arm/leg.

-Pulling the exercising arm back too far causing the shoulder too round. In Physical Therapy terms, causing posterior tilt of the scapula which can contribute to faulty posture and possibley leading to shoulder impingement.

-Not standing far enough back, if you are too close, you won't experience much tension on the band when your arm is outstretched, which compromises your balance and the overall effectiveness of the exercise.

-Bending your planted knee*. This is not a squat, it is a deadlift, you are pivoting from your hip, not your knee. This is an excellent exercise if you have knee problems as it doesn't involve pivoting from the knee.

*The planted leg's knee should be bent slightly (about 5-10 degrees) and maintained throughout the exercise.