Dippin' Bird

Dippin Bird 
(this exercise can be done as a squat or deadlift)
The Picture Aboe Shows the Squat Version

-Stand up straight (while holding Medicine Ball at your chest). Place one foot slightly behind you with minimum weight.

-Squat down and reach forward while sticking your butt behind you.

-Your weight should primarily be on the heel of the ‘squatting’ leg.

-In the finish position, your upper and lower back should form a straight line.

-Your lower leg (the one that is squatting remains perpendicular to the floor throughout exercise.

-This exercise can be done in a squat fashion or a deadlift alternative.

NOTE: I believe this exercise is (for the most part) easier to learn than the traditional lunge. Most individuals display poor form on the lunge.  The Dippin' Bird (especially the deadlift version)  targets the gluteal muscles (butt) much more than the lunge. The gluteal muscles play an integral part in "steering" the knee in proper alignment during squatting and lunging patterns.

Competency Criteria

-If doing deadlift version, knee is slightly bent throughout exercise.

- If doing squat version, lower leg remains vertical when descending into squat.

- Heel of squatting leg remains on the floor.

- Client maintained a straight back throughout exercise (no rounding).

- Weight was minimal on back foot.

-Coaching Tip: "Keep chest high" throughout movement.


-Use a heavier medicine ball.
-Progress to performing a 1-arm push press holding a dumbbell in the opposite hand of planted leg.