Half-Kneeling Pulldown

Half-Kneeling Pulldown Using JC Bands*


-Anchor JC Bands or an equivalent band on a stable object, preferably high. If you are at a gym, adjust cable columns high.

-Assume a half-kneeling position as shown. Maintain a tall posture and contract abdominals such that the front of hip (on the down knee) feels a stretch.


-Pull cables toward the bottom of your chest and hold momentarily.

-Release cables so arms are fully straight.


-Use more bands (if you choose to use the JC Bands, of if you are at a gym, increase the weight ).

-Narrow your base of support, which will challenge your core stability.

-Perform one arm at a time, which encourages asymmetrical loading.

*To purchase the JC Bands, please visit the following website:
Common Mistakes:

-When pulling cables toward chest, lower back arches. This can place undue stress on your low back, especially if suffer from back pain.

-Pulling cables toward upper chest and rolling shoulders forward: Your shoulder blades should be down and in when hands are at chest level.

-Initiating the pull from your arms and not your upper back.

​-Head juts forward during the pulling portion of the exercise.