Incline push-up

Push-Up on Incline Bench

-Kneel on an Incline bench and maintain a straight line between your head, shoulders, hips, and knees.

-Position your hips in a neutral spine (no arching) and maintain this position throughout exercise.

-Bend elbows & move torso toward  bench.

-Your neck should maintain chin tuck (ie, keep your eyes on the bench, don’t look up) throughout exercise.

-Beginners (or those who suffer from shoulder pathology)  may need to limit motion to a pain free range 

VARIATION:  Individuals interested in using weights, may want to perform incline presses using dumbbells.

Competency Criteria

Client‘s upper body remains in a straight line throughout exercise.

Client remains in a chin tuck throughout exercise.

Client maintains neutral spine (no arching) throughout exercise.

Client feels no pain in shoulders, elbows or wrists.

Nose touches bench each rep or reaches half-way.


-Lower the incline if you are able to perform 15 or more with good form as discussed above.