jog and jab

Jog and Jab 

-Adjust cable arms so they are approximately shoulder level.

-Your back should be facing the cable machine.

-Move forward enough so you feel resistance.

-Jog forward a few steps (or what the cable machine allows without ‘topping out’) and then mimic a jab or punch with each arm, then jog backwards. This exercise is best suited for a Keiser machine which provides resistance via air compression (PSI).

-Repeat this process.

Perform jumping lunges while jabbing.  In other words, when your left leg is forward during the lunge, jab with your opposite hand (right), then repeat (jump into lunge position with the right leg forward, jab with your left hand). Continue until said reps have been completed.

Competency Criteria

Client punches or jabs using their body as well as their arms.

Client does not lose balance during entire set.

Client does not arch lower back when jogging forward.

-Increase the resistance.