Kettlebell swing

Kettle Bell Swings

-Start with the kettlebell slightly behind you and your legs hip width distance apart.

-Grab the Kettle Bell (by the handle) with both hands as you squat down maintaining an erect upper body posture (don't round spine).

-Feet slightly wider than hip width distance apart.

-Squat down while simultaneously swinging the Kettle Bell between your legs, while maintaining a straight back (DON'T round your spine).

-Now, EXPLODE from the descent position while swinging the Kettle Bell towards shoulder or eye level (advanced individuals may want to swing it up over the head).

-Do not try to lift the Kettle Bell, but swing it up using momentum, remember, this is a power movement. Sometimes using a heavier Kettle Bell (one you think you can't handle, can often prove to be more effective, as you are less likely to lift it).

Competency Criteria

-Client demonstrates good squatting ability--back remains erect during descent.

-Client doesn't hyperextend lower back during ascent.

-Client doesn't lift the Kettle Bell, but rather uses momentum to propel the weight up to shoulder or eye level.

-Knees don't bow in and feet don't evert (i.e, arches collapse).

-Heels remain in contact with the floor during entire set.

-Use a heavier kettlebell.
-Perform the kettlebell swing with side stepping (see video below)