Long Sitting dip (feet on ball)

Long Sitting Dip (feet on Ball)

-Feet on Bench  or: 
-2 Feet on Stability Ball      _____  (shown)
-1 Foot on Stability Ball      _____

- Place your hands on arms with feet on bench or stability ball.

-Lower yourself down until your until you just barely touch seat.

-If you choose to have the stability ball under your feet, there should be no movement of your legs side to side. 

VARIATION: Place your hands on a traditional flat bench to increase range of motion (don’t exceed 90 degree bend in elbows).

Competency Criteria

Feet on Stability Ball

Client is able to control any side to side motion throughout exercise.

Ball remains relatively still throughout exercise.

Client lowers their body so elbows are at 90 degrees, chin remains in chin tuck position.


-Take one leg off the ball during half the repetition load, then continue repetitions with other leg off the ball (i.e., if 10 reps is your goal, perform 5 reps with only left foot on ball then do 5 more reps with only right foot on ball).