one arm bent over rows - one leg support

One Arm Rows Bent Over Rows - One Leg Support


-Hold Kettlebells in both hands with arms outstretched toward the floor.


-Stand on one leg (as in the case of this example, your left leg) while your right leg remains parallel with the floor throughout the exercise.

-Pull kettlebells toward your chest, hold for a second, and lower back toward floor.

-Keep your shoulder blades down and in when pulling the weight up towards your chest.

-Repeat exercise standing on your right leg.


-Stand on a 1/2 foam roll (flat side down>flat side up).

-Use heavier kettlebells or dumbbells.

-Alternate pulling each kettlebell, rather than pulling both of them at the same time. Do not allow your hips to rotate. This will challenge your core stability.

Common Mistakes:

-Pulling the weights toward your collarbone whereby elevating your shoulders toward your ears. This will overdevelop your upper trapezius muscles (the muscles that span from the back of your neck to the tops of your shoulder blades). These muscles are overdeveloped in our culture and in many cases can cause discomfort in this area.

-Pulling the arms back too far causing the shoulders too round. In Physical Therapy terms, causing posterior tilt of the scapula which can contribute to faulty posture and possibley leading to shoulder impingement.

-Head hyperextends (i.e, head looks forward rather than down as shown). Hyperextending your neck often may lead to osteoarthritis.