One Leg Bridge

One  Leg Bridge

-Lie on your back & position your low back in neutral.

-Your shoulders should NOT be elevated!​

-Non working leg is positioned as shown (hip & knee flexed)*.

-With one foot on the ground, lift your hips off the floor while maintaining neutral.

-Lower your hips while keeping non working leg close to your chest.

-Repeat with other leg.

*NOTE:  To ensure hips maintain neutral, squeeze a tennis ball in the inguinal area (groin) of raised leg. If it lets loose, you are losing neutral.

Competency Criteria

-Client is able to lift hips up symmetrically (and keep them up) without any pain in low back.

-Client is able single leg bridge while maintaining symmetrical hips (i.e., one hip doesn’t drop).


-Place planted foot further away from buttocks.
-Place 'sandbag' or ankle weight(s) on stomach to increase resistance.
-Perform on stability ball (head and shoulders on ball) while doing one leg bridge.