One Leg Deadlift

One Leg Deadlift 

-In a single leg stance (i.e, right leg is planted) hold dumbbell or kettlebell in left hand.

-Bend over by hinging from the hip and maintain straight back bending.

-Start with small ranges of motion, then work to greater ranges.

-Place your trailing leg back on the ground after each rep if necessary.

-To facilitate the movement, extend knee and hip of non planted leg without hyper-extending your back.

TIP: You may want to practice this exercise without weight although the weight facilitates the proper pattern. In addition, some individuals may want to hold a kettlebell in each hand as this may facilitate balance. However, performing it with only one, more core stability is needed.

Competency Criteria

-Planted knee remains slightly bent throughout exercise.

- Knee of planted foot does not bow in (valgus).

-Planted foot does not roll inward (pronate).

- Weight is on the heel of the planted foot (heel does not rise off the floor).

-No rotation occurs at the hips when descending toward floor, if your hips rotate, you may lack core stability and/or mobility.


​-Use a heavier kettlebell.
-Upon ascent, curl the KB and lift overhead.