One leg - opposite arm press

One Leg - Opposite Arm Press 

-Align cable height to shoulder level.

-Place one foot on the ground and push with the opposite upper extremity.

-Push Cable forward while maintaining  tall posture, do not lean forward or backward.

-Limit how far your arm comes back to avoid unnecessary shoulder strain.

-Start at slow speed and work up to a faster velocity but with control. This exercise is best suited for a Keiser machine which provides resistance via air compression (PSI).

Competency Criteria

Client maintains balance and a tall posture throughout exercise.

Client  does not lean backward or forward during entire set.


-To make this exercise harder, perform chest press with your right arm while planted on your right foot.

-Perform a squat as you push weight forward (in other words, as you bring arm back, squat down, then upon rising back up push weight forward).

-Beginners may want to discourage any motion at the hip and torso (this will promote core stability), then progress to rotation of hips during press.