plank with alternating hip flexion -
elbows on stability ball

Prone with Alternate Hip Flexion -  Elbows on Stability Ball

-Place both elbows on stability ball and your toes on the floor, with your knees straight.

-Flex your hip and knee toward stability ball without losing balance and maintaining pelvis parallel with the floor (note any R/L differences).

- Maintain a pelvic neutral position (do not let hips sag or allow low back to arch).

-Bring leg back to starting position, and repeat with other leg.

-Neck remains in axial extension (chin tuck).

Note: The larger the ball (65-75 cm),the easier this exercise will be.

Competency Criteria

Pelvis remains parallel with floor during flexion of hip (ie, Hips do not rotate).

Lower back does not arch during the entire exercise.

Shoulder blades remain down and protracted  throughout exercise.

Maintains chin tuck.

-Place your hands on the stability ball rather than elbows, this makes this exercise considerably harder.