Prone Ball Jack Knife - 1 leg support

Prone Jack Knife - 1 Leg Support

-Assume same position as #5 except now pull 1 knee toward chest for said many reps. Repeat with other leg.

-Maintain perfect alignment (no sagging) prior to tucking knees to chest.

-Unsupported leg should remain straight, while your shoulders don’t collapse.

-Back does not arch when returning to starting position.

-Motion is only in sagittal plane (in other words, do not allow the ball to drift left or right).

Competency Criteria

Client is able to do 10-15 reps with knee/shin on the ball.

Client is able to perform 5-8 reps with ankles/toes on ball.

Client predominately feels their lower abdominals and NOT their low back.

-Place an ankle weight on the non-moving leg.