prone ball jack knife (2 legs)

Prone Jack Knife (2 legs)*

-Assume same position as #4 except now pull knees toward chest.

-Maintain perfect alignment (no sagging) prior to tucking knees to chest.

-Legs should remain straight, while your shoulder blades don’t collapse.

-When straightening legs out, your back should not arch.

-Motion only in sagittal plane (the ball should NOT drift out to the left or right).

​*Beginners may want to use a "Peanut Shaped" stabilty ball, as this type of ball only allows movement forward and backwards (sagittal plane).  CLICK HERE for more details.
Competency Criteria

Client is able to perform 10-15 reps with knees/shins on the ball.

Client is able to perform 5-8 reps with ankles/toes on ball.

Client predominately feels their lower abdominals and not the low back. Lower back remaims in neutral.

Beginners are encouraged to use a Peanut Shaped stability ball (see above for details).

​-Try doing this with one leg only.