prone ball walk out

Prone Ball Walk Out*

-Walk out until knees/shins are on ball (the further you walk out the harder this exercise is).

-Your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders, back is NOT arched. 

-Neck remains in axial extension. while shoulder blades are depressed and protracted.

-Neck, shoulders, hips, knees form a straight line.

-Movement should only be in the sagittal plane, no side to side motion.

*For some individuals, this exercise (and many of the exercises on this template) may aggravate the wrists. You may want to purchase hand grips that maintain a neutral position of the wrist, as this will provide protection. Click Here for mor information.

Competency Criteria

Client is able to maintain knees on ball for 45-60 seconds while maintaining above criteria (or 3 sets of 15 sec w/ 10 sec breaks between).

Client is able to maintain shins/toes for 45-60 seconds while maintaining above criteria (or 3 sets of 15 sec w/10 sec breaks between).

Client does not feel any lower back discomfort. Back does not arch throughout exercise.

-Shoulder blades remain protracted and depressed throughout exercise.

-Try doing the Prone Ball Jack Knife (see next exercise on this template).
-Alternate touching opposite upper arm without losing body position or balance. 

*Beginners may want to use a "Peanut Shaped" stabilty ball, as this type of ball only allows movement forward and backwards (sagittal plane).  CLICK HERE for more details.