Prone plank - elbows and knees

Prone Plank - Elbows and Knees

-Place elbows directly under shoulders.

- Your head, shoulders, hips, and knees should form a straight line.

-Your low back should not be arched.

-Shoulder blades are depressed and protracted.

-Chin remains in chin tuck.

-A pillow or airex pad may be appropriate under knees.

-Hold position for said amount of time.

Competency Criteria


Client is able to hold the position for at least 10- 15 seconds without any deviations (x3).

Client is able to hold the position for1-2 minutes without any deviations .

Client predominately feels their lower abdominals and NOT their lower back.

-Client does not arch their back the entire time.

Client doesn't feels pain.


-Progress to Prone Plank - Elbows and Toes (see #2 on this template).

-Progress to placing a dumbbell on a carpeted floor and take right arm/hand off floor (without compromising your posture) and slide it to the left. Now take the left arm/hand off and slide it to the right (without compromising your posture).