Prone Plank - Elbows and toes

Prone Elbows - Elbows and Toes

-Place elbows directly under shoulders.

- Your head, shoulders, hips, knees , and ankles, should form a straight line.

-Your low back should not be arched.

-Shoulder blades are depressed and protracted.

-Chin remains in chin tuck.

--Knees remain straight.

Competency Criteria

Client is able to hold the position for 10- 15 seconds without any deviations (x3).


Client is able to hold the position for 1-2 minutes without any deviations.

Client predominately feels their lower abdominals and NOT their lower back.

Client doesn't feel pain.


-Place Val SlidesTM [rubber side facing up if performing on rug] under each foot (toes) and creep forward and backward - see video below.* This particular variation requires your hands on the ground (if you have a wrist issue, this may not be appropriate).

*The video integrates a push-up periodically during the walk. If this is too hard, just slide forward.

Val SlidesTM can be purchased by clicking here .