Prone Rolling Wheel -  on knees

Rolling Wheel  - on Toes

-Start on your toes with the wheel in your hands.

-Your hands should be directly under your shoulders.

-Your neck, shoulders, knees, & toes should form a straight line.

-Roll forward while maintaining that straight line.

-Your body should not touch the floor during the entire exercise.

-When rolling forward, your back should NOT arch.

-The distance you roll out is dictated by your ability to control low back from arching. 

-Neck remains in a chin tuck position.

Competency Criteria

Neck, shoulders, knees,  and ankles remain in a straight line throughout exercise.

Lower back does not arch during the entire exercise.

Neck remains in chin tuck position.

NOTE: To make this exercise easier, place wheel on incline surface or use a Torso Track Machine. Unfortunately, they do not manufacture it anymore, but you can find a used one on E-Bay or Craigslist.