renegade rows

Renegade Rows - Using Kettlebells


-Place two kettlebells [KB] (or hexagon dumbbells*) on the floor, approximately shoulder width apart.

-Place one hand and then the other hand on the kettlebell handle (or if using dumbbells, place each hand on each dumbbell).


-Start off by shifting your weight onto one side, you will know if you are shifting your weight properly, if you can 'free' up the other arm or take it off the kettlebell. If you can successfully take one arm off the KB, you are properly weight shifting, which makes this exercise a lot easier.

-Pull weight up toward your chest without elevating your shoulder blade toward ear. Hold, then bring it back to the floor. 

-Shift your weight on the other side, and lift the other KB (this is not depicted on the animation, because we only did one side).

-Some individuals may not be ready to use the Kettlebell, if this is the case, try using a hexagon dumbbell and progress to a dumbbell that is round. This is challenging in that the dumbbells won't to roll away from each other and you have to control that.

Common Mistakes:

-Overzealous individuals try the kettlebells and as a consequence roll the kettlebell resulting in serious injury to their wrist.

-Not properly shifting your weight prior to lifting the Kettlebell.

-Pulling the arm back too far causing the shoulder too round. In Physical Therapy terms, causing posterior tilt of the scapula which can contribute to faulty posture and possibley leading to shoulder impingement.

-Feet are too close together* whereby making this exercise impossible for the beginner to perform.

*Experienced individuals can keep their feet closer together, but beginners are encouraged to keep feet far apart from each other.