Russian Twist with press

Russian Twist with Press

-Position yourself on the ball as exercise #11 depicts except don't hold a medicine ball.

-Twist to your left digging your left elbow into the stability ball while pressing other arm toward the ceiling (as shown).

-Hold for a second, and return to starting picture.

Apparatus used: 

  -Dumbbell           ___
  -Kettlebell           ___
  -Nothing               ___  (shown)

-Repeat on other side.

Competency Criteria

Client is able to twist to their side without losing balance.

Knees remain at approximately 90 degree angle with feet flat on floor.

Client maintains scapula “down and in” on moving arm.


-Hold a dumbbell in the 'pressing' hand.
​-Hold a kettlebell in the 'pressing' hand.