Seated Dip

Seated Dip  on Chair

-Both feet on ground  _____ (shown)
-One foot on ground   _____
-No feet on ground     _____

-Sit down in chair with hands holding onto the arm rails.

 -Lift yourself straight up which forces you to use your arms, Most beginners  lift off the chair while bending at waist consequently placing less stress on their arms. 

-Your upper body should remain upright throughout entire exercise.

VARIATION: Keep arms straight & sink your torso toward chair (scapula depression or reverse shrug) & elevate back up.

Competency Criteria

Client was able to lift off the chair without flexing their trunk forward.

Client remains in a chin tuck (axial extension) throughout exercise.

Client does not feel pain in wrists, shoulders or elbows.


-Take one leg off the floor during half the repetition load, then continue repetitions with other leg off floor (i.e., if 10 reps is your goal, perform 5 reps with only left foot on ground, then do 5 more reps with only right foot on ground).

-Perform with feet off ground the entire set.