Sit to Stand

-Sit at the edge of a chair with both feet on the floor (shoulder width apart and feet straight ahead).

-Extend arms in front of you or above your head (whichever you can do).

-Rock forward so nose is over your toes and proceed to stand up
NOTE: You may want to practice straight back bending using a dowel on back prior to attempting any squatting movement or during each movement to reinforce the alignment. 

TIP: If this is difficult, you may want to place something on the chair to raise its height whereby decreasing range of motion or use a chair that has arm handles and hold on to help hoist you up.

If your knees ‘cave in’ upon rising or sitting, place tubing just above your knees and push band apart to keep knees from caving in.


Competency Criteria

-Client was able to stand from seated position without knees caving in or feet rotating outward.

-Client was able to keep chest high and no rounding of spine. 

-Client was able to move buttocks back (stick butt out) when sitting down on chair (nose over toes).

-Client felt no pain in knees.

-Hold dumbbell in each hand (at shoulder level).