Standing Chest Press 

Standing Chest Press (Using Cable Machine) 

2 Arm /2 Leg Support (Staggered Stance--one foot in front of the other)

-Align cable height to shoulder level.

-Position feet in a split stance position then advance to feet parallel which is harder.

-Push Cables forward while you maintain tall posture, do not lean forward or backward in the split stance or parallel stance position. The body should remain still, only the arms move.  Maintain a chin tuck during entire set--head should not JUT forward.

-Limit how far your arms come back to avoid unnecessary shoulder strain.

-Start at slow speed and work up to a faster velocity but with control (only if you are using an air compresssor machine, like Keiser Equipment).

Competency Criteria

Client maintains tall posture during entire set.

Client does not lean backward or forward during entire set.

The shoulders do not round (posterior tilt of scapula) when arms move backward.

.-In a split stance position, left leg in front, hold cable in right hand only and perform chest press.