standing rotational push and pull 

Standing Rotational Push/Pull (Using Cable Machine)

-Align both movement arms at approximately shoulder level.

-Grab each pulley with each hand and stand sideways (& in the center) of the cable machine. 

-Push with one arm while simultaneously pulling with the other creating a rotation at the hips

(Tip: the pushing arm should be closest to the machine & cable under forearm).

-The torso and hips should generate the movement and the arms “go for the ride”.

-Limit how far your arms come back to avoid unnecessary shoulder strain especially if you have a shoulder injury.

-You can also integrate a squatting motion during the push/pull (as shown).

-Repeat exercise so the opposite push/pull sequence occurs.

Competency Criteria

Client maintains balance & doesn’t extend or flex trunk during entire movement.

If squatting, knees don’t bow in.

-Stand on one leg and perform this exercise (without squatting)*.
-Stand on one leg and perform this exercise (with squatting)*.

NOTE: This can place significant rotational forces at the knee and is not recommended for those with a current or past history of knee pathology.