Two-Leg Bridge

Two-Legged Bridge 

-Lie on your back & position your hips/spine in neutral*.

-Your shoulders should NOT be elevated!

-With BOTH feet on the ground, lift your hips off the floor while maintaining neutral.

-If you feel a cramp in the back of your legs, lift toes off floor (as shown).

*For an explanation of 'neutral' spine, please watch the video at bottom of page.
Competency Criteria

-Client is able to lift hips up symmetrically (and keep them up) without any pain in low back.

-Client is able to lift hips up without arching back.

-Client does not get a cramp in their hamstrings, or if they do, it is 
eliminated when toes are pointed up.

-Perform Bridge with fallouts (Exercise #2 on this template).

*Finding neutral spine