two-leg deadlift

two-Leg Deadlift
Should be used for those w/knee pain or have difficulty with squatting

-Establish the hip hinge pattern by using a stick (dowel) and line it up with back of head, mid-back, and tailbone.

-Stick butt out and hinge with hips; dowel should maintain contact with above 3 points throughout entire exercise..

-Start with a small range of motion at first to establish correct form and pattern.

-Once the pattern has been established, add weight (dumbbell, or kettlebell at your sides, (start with light weight and small range of motion). 

-You can also perform the deadlift holding only one kettlebell. Avoiding rotation in this position translates to good core stability.

-Knees should not bend more than 10-15 degrees throughout exercise.

Competency Criteria

-Client performs deadlift while pivoting from hips with a fixed knee position.

-Client promotes straight back bending during entire exercise (no rounding of spine).


-Hold a barbell or dumbbell in each hand.

*Note: If you can’t reach down far enough to grab the weight, place weight on reebok steps or milk crates.