two-leg Squat to Row

Squat-To-Row (2 Legs) Using JC Bands*


-Attach JC Tubing or equivalent band to a stable object (at waist level or at a higher level).


-Hold handles in both hands and pull them to chest (as shown), this is the starting position.

-Squat down while simultaneously extending (straightening) your arms.

-Stick your buttocks out behind you as you outstretch your arms, this will distribute your weight on the heels. 


-Perform the 1-Leg Squat-to-Row.

-If using JC Bands, add additional bands (the example shown shows only one band, you can use up to three bands), and if using a cable system at a gym, increase the weight.

*To purchase the JC Bands, please visit the following website:

Common Mistakes:

-When extending arms forward, heels come off and as a consequence, you can lose your balance.

-Shins move forward, rather than maintaining a vertical alignment. By sticking your butt out behind you, your shins stay vertical, for the most part.

-Head juts forward during the pulling portion of the exercise.