two point contact - One Arm row

Two Point Contact - One Arm Row


-You will need a flat bench or a picnic bench, if doing this at home.

-It is not recommended to kneel on the floor, due to the weight touching the floor before the arm is fully extended, this will decrease the range of motion and decrease the effectiveness of the exercise.


-In the video shown here, she is placing her left hand and right knee on the bench and holding a kettlebell (or a dumbbell) in your right hand.

-Your left leg is extended (as shown), but your low back is not arched.

-Pull weight up to your waist by bending your elbow. Try to initiate the lift by pulling from your shoulder.

-Hold at the top for a second, and lower weight back to starting position, repeat on other side.

-Make sure your left shoulder blade does not collapse, this will force your serratus anterior muscle to work harder. This muscle is important for shoulder health.


-Although the video clip shows the left leg off the floor, if you are a beginner, you may want to place it on the ground.

-Lift heavier weight.

-Place less of your shin on the bench.

Common Mistakes:

-Shoulder blade collapses on the side the hand is holding bench.

-Leg that is off the bench is extended too high causing your back to arch.

-Shoulder shrugs toward ear when lifting weight. Keep shoulder down when lifting weight.

-Lifting the arm up too high causing the shoulder too round. In Physical Therapy terms, causing posterior tilt of the scapula which can contribute to faulty posture and possibley leading to shoulder impingement.